Terms and Conditions

At FitnessBargains we provide top quality equipment and service at bargain prices. We stand behind every gym with a lifetime warranty and a risk free money back guarantee.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the following policies, feel free to email or call.

Email: support@vigorfit.com
Call: 877-4 Fit Gym ( 877-434-8496)

1. Returns:

  • Unit must be sent back via UPS or FedEx prepaid, insured.
  • Unit must be in brand new condition and packaged in all original packaging materials.
  • All accessories must be complete and included.
  • Customer is responsible for any freight damages during the return shipment and therefore package must be sent fully insured. Sender (you) are responsible for filing and collecting on any and all claims should gym arrive damaged. This is the policy of the carrier and NOT FitnessBargains.
  • An email must be sent requesting return authorization and instructions prior to returning a gym. No refund will be issued unless a return authorization has first been requested and provided.
  • Gym must be returned within 30 days from date of order.
  • A refund will be issued less any freight charges.
  • If packaging is unusable or contents not complete and additional minimum of 15% restocking fee will apply.
  • No gym will be accepted or refund issue unless complete and in original box with original packaging materials.
  • A refusal to accept a package is not an acceptable way of returning the gym. FitnessBargains, Inc. ships very quickly in an effort to take care of all customers. Once a package has left our warehouse it is the customers responsibility to accept the package. If a package is refused either by customer order or because the carrier has attempted to deliver the package without success the customer is responsible for all freight that FitnessBargains, Inc incurs in both direction. The customer agrees upon making a purchase that any refund will be less freight in both directions.

2. Damage & Loss Notification:

  • FitnessBargains, Inc is to be notified of any damage within 2 days of receipt of gym in writing via email so the appropriate claim and / or action can be taken.
  • We ship within 1 business day and send tracking information immediately upon shipping to the email address you enter when you place your order. Fedex policies require that you notify us of any claims of non delivery within 14 days of the date they show your product delivered. It is your responsibility to notify our firm of any issues or claims of non delivery prior to this time frame or nothing can be done for you. No claim of loss can be filed on your behalf.

3. International Customers:

  • International customers located outside of the continental U.S. must request a freight quote prior to ordering. International customers are solely responsible for any taxes, duties and customs charges.

4. Shipping:

  • All Gyms ship very quickly. In most cases gyms will leave our warehouse the next business day. Exceptions will be holidays or days when the carrier does not pick up.
  • Tracking information is always emailed to the customer within 1 business day after shipping.
  • While shipments arrive to all customers very fast we can not and do not guarantee a specific transit time. The information detailed on the carriers site is an estimate only not a guaranteed delivery date.
  • FitnessBargains, Inc. makes every effort to assist and take care of our customers but we have no direct control over the carrier. We can add special delivery requests but can not guarantee the carrier will comply.
  • In many cases we ship no signature require, however, we reserve the right, without notice to ship signature required. There are certain issues that require us to ship signature required for the protection of our customers. These include but are not limited to:
    • Paypal Requires us to ship signature required if you choose that payment method.
    • Any order that exceeds the value of $500 US is automatically required to ship signature required per the rules and policies of FedEx.
    • If you live in an apartment we ship signature required to ensure your gym is not stolen or mis-delivered.
    • If the address does not match the address on your credit card billing statement.
    • If the ship to and bill to names and address do not match.
    • All carriers leave it up to the discretion of the driver. If the driver does not feel safe leaving a package they will require a signature.
    • In all cases when we are required to ship signature required we do so to protect our customers.
  • If your gym requires a signature and you are not available to accept it, no need to worry. Fedex has several options available to you including scheduling a delivery when you are home or leaving it available for pickup at any local FedEx Kinko’s office. Fedex offices are usually within a few miles of all customers.

Safety Precautions

Please read carefully before proceeding.

This exercise equipment was designed and built for optimum safety. Certain precautions apply whenever you operate a piece of exercise equipment. Before you assemble or operate the equipment, please read your entire manual. Please note the following safety precautions.

  • Read the following instructions carefully before using the machine.
  • Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning this or any exercise program.
  • Always wear proper exercise apparel when using the machine.
  • If at any time you feel faint, light headed or dizzy while operating the machine immediately stop exercising. Stop exercising if you feel any pain or pressure.
  • Keep children and pets away from the machine while in use.
  • Only one person can use the machine at a time.
  • Make sure that your machine is properly assembled before you use it. Be sure that all screws, nuts and bolts are tightened prior to use.
  • Do not operate this exercise equipment if it is damaged.
  • Pay attention to your body: Come up slowly, dizziness after a session means you rose too fast. Wait a while after eating before using the machine. If you get nauseous, stop exercising.
  • Always use the machine on a clear, level surface. Do not use outdoors or near water.
  • Keep hands, feet and hair away from any moving parts. Do not insert any objects into openings.
  • Keep clothes, jewelry or any loose items away from moving parts.
  • Always fold the gym according to instructions. Lay flat to avoid injury.


Before beginning any exercise program consult your physician. This is especially important for individuals over the age of 35 or persons with pre-existing health problems. Read all instructions before using any fitness equipment.

We assume no responsibility for personal injury or property damage sustained by or through the use of this product.

Do not operate this equipment without properly fitted guards, as the moving parts can present a risk of serious injury - especially to young children.

Caution: Read all instructions carefully before operating this product.